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Our clublands has a common boundary with the Pisgah National Forest.  As a National Forest hunting is permitted on their land.  The majority of our trails are within the Pisgah NF and many acres within the National Forest are part of the North Carolina Game Lands.  The area around us is within Caldwell County.  Hunting & fishing regulations for lands within Caldwell County can be found on the web.

The property that we manage is owned by the State of NC and is also open for hunting.  There is an exception.  The Conservation area around Brown Branch is closed to hunting activities.  This includes no deer stands to be erected nor any bait to be set within the Conservation Zone.  As our club is the manager of the acres we charge a $300 per year fee to hunt on our clublands (outside the Conservation Zone).  A lottery for location is held if there are multiple requests.  A milk jug hung in a tree marks the area staked for hunting.

Brown Branch Easement