Forest Service Proposed Maps

To assist in the search for new trail connections, you need the Avenza map app running on your phone and either a gps unit or a gps app running on your phone.  Please be sure that both apps are running while at home before venturing into the field.

The Forest Service is using Avenza maps to display proposed trails in the Boone Fork area.  Download the app and then the Boone Fork Assessment map to your phone:  

When in the area of campground, you will see your location on this map while running on your phone.  As you move around, your location is updated on the map.


In order to save your tracks you need either a gps unit or a gps app.  There are many free apps to choose from.  However, if you want assistance during the mapping of potential trails then we recommend using the free app called viewranger.  Many of us already use it and can help you learn to use it.

While still at home, before venturing out:  First hint, after installing, creating an account, etc, open the app.  You will see 3 dots top right on the screen.  Click and a list will appear.  Choose maps then OpenCycleMap.  This map is a great choice to use on the trail.